# Integrations

Testbench hopes to provide a complete solution for package developments, in latest version we now support direct integrations with following 3rd party packages:

# Spatie Ray

Starting from Testbench 6.10 you may now use Ray debugging tool directly when running tests.

    /** @test */
    public function it_can_resolve_domain_route()
        $response = $this->get('http://api.localhost/hello');


Ray Example

# Configuration

You can configure Ray using phpunit.xml:


    // ...

        <env name="RAY_ENABLED" value="(true)"/>
        <env name="SEND_CACHE_TO_RAY" value="(false)"/>
        <env name="SEND_DUMPS_TO_RAY" value="(true)"/>
        <env name="SEND_JOBS_TO_RAY" value="(false)"/>
        <env name="SEND_LOG_CALLS_TO_RAY" value="(true)"/>
        <env name="SEND_QUERIES_TO_RAY" value="(false)"/>
        <env name="SEND_REQUESTS_TO_RAY" value="(false)"/>
        <env name="SEND_VIEWS_TO_RAY" value="(false)"/>
        <env name="SEND_EXCEPTIONS_TO_RAY" value="(true)"/>


# Collision

You can also utilise Collision with Testbench to use Laravel flavored artisan test command, including parallel testing. First of all include nunomaduro/collision to your package:

composer require --dev "nunomaduro/collision"

After installation complete and package:discover executed you should be able to use package:test command directly from Testbench CLI Commander:

php vendor/bin/testbench package:test

Collision Example

Support for Parallel Testing

With package:test you are able to use --parallel options to use Parallel Testing. However do review Laravel documentation (opens new window) regarding the subject.

Parallel Example

Recommended minimum version to use parallel testing is 6.15.0

Last Updated: 11/6/2022, 2:49:50 AM